Next Ford Fiesta?

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Another take on the next Fiesta from an illustrator.

It does match the spy shots (pretty much) I have seen of the real thing.

The cool thing is, we’ll get this one over here.
Ford wants to compete with the Scion xD, Yaris crowd. A good thing.
Let’s hope they don’t cheapen it too much for the US…

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  1. Vince, I read we’ll get the Fiesta, but a SEDAN and not a cool hatch.

    Once again, Ford FU_KS UP…..

  2. I drove a Ford Fiesta when I was living in Germany…Great little car! It’s a Mazda really and the engine was smooth as silk.

  3. I really hope that the mini-van wedge look that is becoming so common in the mini and small car designs does not move up to bigger cars. It seems that between SAVs, 4 door coupes, and these mini cars, the traditional sedan look is getting marginalized.

  4. hopefully, Ford will have people scanning blogs, etc, such as this, and find out A Lot of PEOPLE WANT HATCHES, NOT SEDANS!
    If they have the 5 door Mondeo here, instead of this” Taurus”, it would sell(see Ford sales for July; Pitiful!)
    Same for this coupe Focus… 08…No Thanks.

    This should be a 3 door and 5 door car….not a sedan.

    If they do the right thing, do not mess with this at all, and bring it as is…. I’ll consider it..bring us a sedan, NO!

    I guess Ford wants to be #4 in sales in USA, behind GM, Toyota, and maybe Chrysler next?
    They keep doing dumb stuff like the first poster said,, they may be fighting Kia for 9th place in sales in USA.

  5. The next Ford Ka (smaller than the Fiesta) will share its platform with the Fiat 500. Which is based on the Panda.

  6. This vehicle looks great.

    Really, let’s just hope that Ford doesn’t Americanize this vehicle like what they have done to our upcoming Focus. That thing is an absolute DISASTER. Why didn’t they just import the European Focus? It will probably cost more than the current one due to higher quality materials, but come on that is what they need. They should take a look at what GM is doing, their quality has improved by leaps and bounds.


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