Next Skoda Superb

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More pictures from the factory. This time with a steering wheel.

And it looks like the big Skoda sedan will turn into a hatchback.
Nice. And a good way to separate it even more from the Passat .
(Which itself started as a hatch back in the days when they used to call it Dasher in the US…)

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  1. Apparently, the next Superb will not only be a hatchback nor a sedan but both… For the same price. Look closely at the second picture, a kind of black trim covers what should be the hinges of the 4-door sedan-like trunk; the tailgate seems to include a second mechanism that would allow such a classical opening of the trunk.


  2. It is a hatch with a trunk! A small trunk opens off the hatch when you dont want to open the entire hatch! The red circle indicates the gooseneck hinges of the trunk! This is a clever car…

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