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A “fan” just sent me this one.

Beware, if you don’t like Nissan, this is pretty much a PR video. Where a guy from Nissan is constently praising the car as he’s showing it.

It does seem pretty nice. Although I still think the design is too clumbsy and soft. Unlike the great looking European version.

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  1. I am glad you like it.
    I know it is soft and I would rather own a FJ or a Wrangler, but those people in the middle east just make filling up gas a little too difficult.

    – The Fan.

  2. It does look good enough but I wonder if it will steal sales from the new Murano.
    The Murano will not grow in size, and this thing looks about as roomy.

    About the FJ. I am supposed to drive one over the week end.
    I will report next week on it.

    And I will be in Europe next week as well.

  3. Vince,
    I heard that the Murano will be all new very soon
    and some folks might be sorry that it won’t be big enough for a 3rd row seat. About size maybe the Murano might offer more leg and hip room, but Nissan
    seems to offer the Altmia and Maxina which seem about the same size, so maybe they leave it all to marketing and price for consumers to decide which is best for them, but I see more new Altims( a big improvement over the last).

    I am also tempted to test drive an FJ but the dealers
    have seen my face a million times, so I would not
    know what to say this time around about driving an FJ, Maybe I would have to go to the next town : )-

    If you go to Europe, it would be cool if you visited the Mini factory or some exotic maker.

    So, I guess we will be without a week of the latest
    secrets in the auto industry, well have fun there

  4. I’m little lost..
    How exactly do shift with paddle-shifters up or down if there are no gears (cvt)?

  5. Vince, I don’t think this will steal any sales from Murano at all. The current Murano is already bigger then Rogue and rumor has it the upcoming redesign will be slightly bigger then the current one, but as you say no third row. Current Murano is much more roomy then Rogue and the next one will be built on the new “D” platform and be even more so. Plus the Murano is V-6 only whereas the Rogue is powered by a 4 cyl. engine only. The Murano is also sure to have many other “luxury” features not found on the Rogue. These differences are more then enough to ensure that Murano sales will not be affected by the Rogue.

  6. Vince,

    I total agree with you. This will steal sales from the Mourano until it’s gets redesigned. I was thinking the same thing about the European version. They should have just sold that one as is except maybe it’s name, which kind of seem hard to pronouce. I don’t understand the point of building a Mini-Me-Mourano.

  7. If Americans didnt love Mc Donalds, perhaps they would have sold their version here. I do like the open roof design and hood, but I would have really been excited over the X-Trail but I guess I will be a good Nissan American consumer and pick this one.
    The good thing is that ours is built in Japan.

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