Rear view of the new Camry based wagon/thingy…

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Not sure how to call it.
It’s the one I posted a few days ago. The one that will replace (not really) the Solara next year.

Interior view coming up soon….

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  1. I agree, Vince. This is NOT what I would call a Solora replacement!
    That’s like how Dodge calleed the Caliber the replacement for the Dodge Neon!


    BTW: Not liking this thing, so far.
    I thought the Matrix 5 door you showed was cool, but this is not.
    This looks like a “chopped” minivan(in height)or something.

  2. Definitely looks like a chopped minivan, looks a lot like a chrysler pacifica in fact. Not too exciting, but then again it is a Toyota, so I really should not expect much more than that..

  3. I dont like the Solora at all. It is a cheap version
    and not the same version that is sold/made in Japan.

    I like the Blade!!!

  4. trying desperately to bring out a Murano competitor, this “Dog” won’t do it. Thank goodness toyotas are ugly!

  5. is this toyota’s version of the Mercedes r-class vehicle concept/idea?
    i wonder if there will then be a lexus version, cuz isn’t bmw doing an r-class rival as well?

  6. Vince, that is the new Toyota Mark X Zio, based on the FSC Concept, slated go arrive in Japan soon.

  7. If this is coming then I wanna see the Honda Stream brought from Japan here. Honda Stream is better especially in Mugen Edition.

  8. I think this will be sold as the Camry Verso in Japan, but doubt they will call it that in the US with the Nissan Versa here. If Toyota does bring this to the US as some sort of Camry wagovan, it would set the stage for them to bring the Corolla and Auris/Blade here, and replace the Matrix with the next 3-row Corolla Verso (to compete against Mazda5 and Kia Rondo).

  9. Provide this with a decently powered 4 banger and hybrid powertrain and I have a replacement for my aging Honda Accord sedan. I cannot stomach the gas mileage of minivans and suv size vehicles, but want more room and options. I don’t see another car manufacturer expanding thier hybrid offerings like Toyo. Bring it and I will buy.

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