Renault Wind in production by 2009?

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That’s the latest rumor.
Renault might actually produce a version of their 2004 concept to compete with the Miata.
But there is a chance (a pretty big one) we might see a version of this RWD convertible in the US through Nissan.
With an all new design.

Nissan has been testing a “smaller than Z” RWD sport car for a few months.
This might be it. And the Miata’s largest market is the US. Not Europe.
If you want to compete with the Mazda, you must do it in the US…

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  1. Funny you say “compete with the Miata” when the Pontiac Solstice outsells the Miata. Add the Saturn Sky and the Miata is a footnote from here on out. The Miata had it’s day, now it’s over for it.

  2. Miata is the one to compare because it was the original. It started it all, quite awhile ago now. Everything else is just an imiation, like margarine. And who want to eat margarine?

  3. In general, I like Renault and Peugeot styling, except for those huge, distorted headlights. It’s like wearing your pants halfway up your chest! After having our eyes raped by too many Bangle monstrosities, I really like the smooth lines on here.

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