Retro Mercedes coming up???

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I guess it’s just another crazy rumor.

Another sports car.
Looking like the old 300SL. It would be, in price, between the SL and the SLR.
So way over $100 000. With a 620hp AMG 6.2 Liter V8.

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  1. Now that is nice!!! A little Alfa in the blood and Porsche but still nice. I am not sure if this will have gullwings or not…

  2. Beautiful!

    Making this kind of sheet-metal with today’s technology should be a piece of cake, I’m just wondering why it’s rare.

    I wish other car makers would make more “old-school” sheet-metal, instead of trying to look modern (and ended up looking fugly at the end)

  3. Let’s cut apart the photoshop puzzle:
    Headlights- E-class
    front fascia- Ferrari something (612 or 599? I can’t decide)
    A- pillar and back- SLR

  4. That pic only looks good because of the amazingly beautiful Alfa coupe that was blended in with the slr.

  5. …looking a little Porshe-like in the front there. If there was no three-pointed star, I’d call it a 911.

  6. Real nice. I love the front. I do like the side, but I’m not sure what to make of the ribs over the wheels though. I’m looking forward to seeing the new gull wing doors.


  7. BLACKLASER…over $100,000??? I think it is over $190,000 and less than $245,000. if the new product is between SL AND SLR…THIS IS NOT A SLK ON STEROIDS.

  8. BLACKLASER…Vinceeee…the first retro edition for the 300SL 1955, was the Corvette Stingray from 60’s. jummm.

  9. Why do beautiful cars have to be so expensive? With looks like this, a car doesn’t have to be exclusive to be desirable. Give the average Joe something to be excited about for pete’s sake.

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