Toyota Blade “Master” = Our next Matrix???

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Or maybe with a more specific US design.
The Master is a V6 version of the new Blade compact.
This is basically a 280hp Corolla hatch. Pretty amazing. But I hear it is still FWD. (Although I am sure they offer AWD as an option, at least)
280hp on a small FWD car isn’t really the best thing. Unless you never actually use all that power.

Still. The smooth 3.5 Liter V6 in a hatch would make a great new Matrix…

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  1. Hey, Vince… so,any more news on the 09 Corolla/Matrix or just photos so far?
    I ask because you mentioned that Toyota is rumored to bring out the Corolla sedan And a 3 door, iirc.

    So, they would have a Matrix/5 door(this looks good, but who knows how Toyota will mess it up for NA market.. see the xD comparison you posted, ours vs Japan’s… ours is bad looking in comparison)sedan corolla and 3 door corolla(same platforms?).
    Guess we’ll have to wait for “official” news(I heard around Nov….is it, SEMA, where 09 Corolla will be unveiled?).

    I am hoping for a sharp 3 door Corolla, maybe with the new xB/tC engine in it.
    This 5 door is acceptable, and I usually do not care for 5 doors too much(like the 5 door Spectra,for’s tolerable, but I wouldn’t buy it).Let’s hope, for once, they leave well enough alone( a larger 4 would do just fine..low 30’s MPG, maybe 9 seconds to 60, tops).

  2. I will be happy with the AWD 4 banger since gas is still crazy. I don’t want Toyota to pull and XD Scion version on us, just leave the design the same for us and I will be happy. This is a nice choice besides looking at the Impreza, CR-V, RAV and Rogue…maybe this will take the cake.

    Vince, when will this come to the US?
    If they make this in US or Mexico, I will have a S-Fit

  3. I hope they bring this over. It has been far too long since Toyta had a car I would consider buying. They killed the Celica, no Supra yet. It would be a retutn to the good old days in the 80’s when they had sold sporty hatches.

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