Upcoming small Toyota coupe

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Looks like it will be out within 2 years. (I hear 2009 in Japan).

Toyota wants to make sure they have something to go against the all new small Nissan coupe.
At first they were talking about a small RWD coupe. Just like the Corolla used to be in the early 80’s.
But now, it might just be FWD.
They are working on it with Subaru, and it is rumored to get a Subaru 2.0 liter “Boxer” engine.

Don’t expect a Supra replacement, or anything fancy. This is supposed to be well under $20 000.

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  1. Maybe build it side by side with Subie… and give the Toyota RWD, while the Subaru (new Impreza coupe) awd. It will do justice for each since some Subaru critics dont like the Impreza/WRX.

    Actually I drove the base 08 Impreza and it was really nice. Materials were nice and road mannerism was good as well despite what critics say. But for something more hard core, I think a derivative of the Toyota coupe is a really smart idea.

  2. Vince, you should really add links to previous posts
    so that people unfamiliar with what you mentioned in the past ( ie nissan coupe) would have some idea what your talking about. Otherwise, best site!

  3. very nice. RWD? rwd is fine, if you live outside of the snowbelt, where in one snow, you can get anywhere from 12-24 inches of snow overnight.

    Gimme FWD, or AWD(on a switch deal, like Suzuki SX4 has….fwd, ro awd, at the push of a button).

    I heard that this will be a 17K car(to start?), AWD, and the 4 boxer.
    Think maybe Impreza platform, with some tweaking for sporty handling,
    and Toyota body?
    next tC, sporty Corolla, or something else? Who knows?
    Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

    Platform sharing= dollars saving.

  4. Oh, I miss the AE86 (Toyota’s RWD Corolla coup√© from the mid-80s).

    Small RWD cars are hard to find these days.

  5. All I would have to say is, holly shit if this comes in AWD and has a boxer engine and under $ 20 k.
    I am wondering if this will be made in Indiana since Toyota and Subaru share components or will it be made in Japan itself by Subaru.

    I would really need to know if the above info is valid
    because I would hold on to my VW another year
    until this things is out. I think Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi will get hit real hard if this product does come to life.

  6. “All I would have to say is, holly shit if this comes in AWD and has a boxer engine and under $ 20 k.”

    That’s why base Imprezas are selling so well, huh? Oh wait…

  7. “That’s why base Imprezas are selling so well, huh? Oh wait…

    thats because lots of people out there don’t associate Subaru with reliability and refinement, they view more as in a boy racer type of brand, but you slap a Toyota emblem on it sales will certainly fly off, i am too in a market for something cheap and sporty with awd or rwd but currently Toyota has nothing in market for me neither is Honda, (those are the two brands i do trust) while Subaru does have base Imprezas right in my price range i am too worried about what problems they might give me in the future.

  8. Subaru builds one of the best reliable engines out there, why do you think Toyota want to use their engine?
    … enough said.

    Now all Subaru really needs is a cool 2 door AWD
    machine that will satisfy any crowd.
    build it

  9. Anonymous said…
    Why would Toyota make a Corolla Coupe when they have Scion Tc’s on the same lot?

    9:17 AM——————————————————–
    tC is supposedly due for replacement in about 1 year from now.
    The RWD FUSE concept car is said to be replacing the tC by 08 as an 09….so, it may be AWD or FWD Toyota?
    One AWD/FWD, one RWD on Scion part of the lot…. 2 sporty cars… relatively inexpensive…. and probably appeal to different types of buyers( especially if one is FWD only, the other RWD….).

    I hope they announce something soon… seems Many small sporty cars coming out soon, supposedly from Nissan, Kia, and Hyundai(rwd for Nissan/Hyundai..niot sure about Kia… find out in 18 day at Frankfurt), the super-cheap, sporty sedan SX4(also to appear @ frankfurt),
    and then the Astra is coming out in December…3 door sporty fwd hatch.

    I have at least 1 year before looking at a new vehicle… if they announce this , and it is something worthwhile…Then… guess I’ll wait another year, if need be….

  10. There has been word in other forums that Toyota is enlisting Subaru to help develop a new AWD sports coupe.. this could definitely be it, since they are saying it is NOT the upcoming Supra. The styling of this looks suspiciously similar to the Prodrive P2 concept of a few years ago, which was a small coupe body stretched tautly over a WRX chassis. Seems logical that Toyota would do the same thing…

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