2008 Accord coupe video

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This does look, again, so much better than the sedan…

Thanks to the fan who sent me this.

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  1. Your welcome 🙂
    – The fan.

    This kind of looks like a Holden product to me
    in some many ways. Maybe it looks like it has balls. They are the single company that has pumped blood into GM”s ventricles( not sure about SAAB). Hopefully, this new Honda will do the same for the company since the S2000 is kind of losing ground in popularity and is due for a major reconsideration as the brand’s sports car’s helix.

  2. This leaves me wanting more. The styling has all been done before, mostly by GM. Looks like it was designed for 1999.

  3. terrible , terrible dimensions. this thing looks like a design project gone awry, does honda not employ artists/engineers, and do they not have test audiences for these? they surely cannot

  4. Well, it does look better then the sedan, but that is not saying much. It seems out of proportion, with the elongated rear end. Interior is not bad, except for the center stack, which has more buttons then the space shuttle. Overall a 7 out of 10.

  5. I hope the new Honda products, coupe and 4 door, look better in person. From all these pix, I’m just not getting it.

    It looks like Korean design circa 1997.

  6. Honda designs, like their technology are very korean. Did you realise that they use some plastic suspension components?, also, they use, still, S.O.H.C?. yes, single overhead cams. Plus now the accord looks identical to the new sonata and the coupe is an abomination that looks alot like the original tiburon. wake up honda, nissan and toyota and mazda with the new 6 will have a feast on you!

  7. This is what the Acura CL could have been if it were still in production today. Either way, it still has all the same (if not more) features than that of the ol’CL for a better price! Extremely nice vehicle, in my opinion. I would concider one if I ever concidered getting out of my 04 Civic Si.

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