2008 Accord video review

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I do like Edmunds.com.
But this is a horrible review where we learn nothing about the car.

I post it because I think the new Accord looks really nice in most of these shots. Maybe it’s just the color, but I think the darker grey/green car looks quite upscale.

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  1. this crap wil die when the new malibu comes out
    enought of these ugly and unreliable cars made out of cardboard
    they are too snall for americans anyway the firs tlaw is pretty mmuch right s this is n’t for us
    i do not aprove of the history he well

  2. If past history is a guide, the Chevrolet will be a rental-lot queen and do little to affect Accord and Camry sales due to its continued sub-standard interior quality, lackluster dynamics, and pitiful resale value. I’ll go out on a limb and say the Malibu will do better than the current model, which you have to look hard to find one that doesn’t have the “e” sticker from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car lot.

    The Malibu does look to be one of the best offerings from GM in awhile, but it is hard to take a company seriously when they still sell the pitiful Monte Carlo.

    By the way, d-bag, do they not teach spelling at the schools in “Beautiful Modesto, California?”

    Made out of cardboard? Too small? LOL D-bag, you are FUNNY! The Accord is now full-size!

    Does your mommy know you’re up this late little boy?

  3. C&D use to be bigger fans of honda than the “extra”! Their review was not very flattering at all, I was shocked. I believe the concludes the new accord was “32 going on 64!” That says alot.

  4. wow , would you look at that, honda copied hyundai. this dud looks like the neutral, mediocre new sonata. what the heck are these companies thinking?. has no one seen the new ALTIMA. This has truely allowed the ALTIMA to become the king of sedans.I am sorry to say this being an accord driver, but i was waiting for this car and now my money is with Nissan

  5. The Full Size Honda Accord….


    There’s just someting about putting a 4 cyl. in a full size vehicle…yet they are more powerful than they were a couple of decades ago….

  6. the new styling does take getting used to, but it looks very good in person i must admit. the back end is a little weak, but honda usually designs a car like that so they have room to update in a few years. the only thing that should be in the car is a flat rear floor, they put one in the civic and theres one in the camry, it just makes the rear seat seem so much roomier. i cant wait for the diesel

    lets not forget that it was hyundai who copied honda in the first place.

  7. Vince,

    I can tell that you are a very magnanimous guy, that you respect all of us readers and give us a chance to express our opinions without censure, but can you make an exception and re-consider d-bag jones?

    I wouldn’t mind his viewpoint, it is just that he says the EXACT thing in every post. Is he invested in GM or something? Does he thing making unsubstantied digs at anything not from the Big 3 cause me to reconsider? I like GM products well enough, but his arguments are more of a turn off to get me to switch from my Honda…… hey! maybe that’s why you keep allowing him to post….

  8. It should NEVER be necesary to design a car with leaving room for a refresh in mind…..

    If the car was great to begin with, there’s wouldn’t BE a need for a refresh, or at least a dramatic one….

    But I guess they do it more just to distingush model years more than anything…

    Can anyone explain the one off 2005 Honda Accord model though?

    03-04 same taillights with amber signals

    05 red signals with 03-04 shape (I guess the earlier hybrid models had these as well)

    06-07 different rear
    with ambers for the hybrids….I like the LED brakelights (they even brag about how it’s a safety feature on the website)….why are they gone for the 08?

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