2008 Focus

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Is it me or does it look like the new US Focus doesn’t even have headrests in the rear???
Isn’t it mendatory anymore???

This pic is from their website by the way…

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  1. Perhaps you could research if rear headrests are mandatory – from my understanding, they are not.

  2. hmm it is strange… maybe they just took them out to take the picture? there’s holes for them if you look.

    ford is cheap on the standard equipement in europe though.. you never know, baybe it’s an optional!

  3. Wow. What a difference between the cheap fake metallic US dashboard to the nice smooth plastic of the European dashboard. No wonder why US automakers keep losing market share.

  4. no, the headrests are not there, the “holes” are the anchors for child seats. maybe ford did this to feed the booming number of legal cases involving rear-end crashes. and you gotta love the glued-on plastic chunk spanding the ENTIRE width of the reagan-era dash

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