2008 Ford Focus (Europe)

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Well, Europe and a few other countries.
But still not the US.

A refresh after about 3 years of production. The usual. New front and revised interior to match the new Mondeo.
Looks even better than before.
So now there is an even wider gap between this and the lame US version…

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  1. Actually, I just noticed there is more to this than a new front.
    The whole side has been revised as well.
    So this is a pretty extensive “refresh”.

  2. My European friends tell me that the Focus there has excelent driving dynamics. It is also the benchmark chassis in its class, with VW following.

  3. Looks good. In my opinion, I don’t think the front looks as crisp and modern as the current euro focus. But why isn’t Ford bringing this over when dealers and customers are begging for fresh product. BEGGING.

  4. That is beautiful! never thought i’d describe a Focus that way, but of course this is the Euro model. I would buy the performance RS Focus over a GTI, the interior is awesome.

  5. What a gorgeous little car! And the U.S. market is getting something that looks like it was designed by the Russians in 1972! Helloooo…Alan Mullaly- Just shut down domestic production before the next “Edsel” legacy falls in your lap.

  6. How long will it take Ford to learn from GM?!

    I wonder what the procedure would be to have a vehicle imported and inspected/modified for US driveability….

  7. Ford cheaped out with their Focus models. The product planners took a cost cutting engineering shortcut when designing the euro Focus. It was engineered to fit european crash standards only.
    Ford found it cheaper to sell this car only overseas and simply “refresh” the american Focus rather than spend money making a “world car” meet international standards.

  8. You know you always here this, from every car company, that can’t do this or that because of different standard in different countries. Are the standards that different? These are all car? Have countries ever thought to get together and make similar standards? Enquiring minds want to know!

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