2008 Ford Focus price

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The sedan starts at $ 13 775 and the coupe at $14 660.
The SES sedan starts at $16 695 and includes the new Sync technology.

The Civic starts at $16 405. That is a big difference.

That money should get you a better car and a much, much better resale value.
I don’t think the Focus is bad. The current one is actually a pretty decent small car.
But this one seems worse.

As usual, you get what you pay for.

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  1. so, this is meant to be an all new car?? it looks worse than the previous model. the one we get here in nz (euro model) looks worse than the original too but that was over 3 years ago since it came out – it looks gorgeous next to the new us model. you really get average cars over in the states. and i thought new zealand was pretty backwards…

  2. Is the US Ready for the First Gen Focus 3.0?

    I’ll take a Mazda 3 and run….

    It’s funny how they attempt to make the windows smilar to the 2nd Gen Focus….

    This is disgustingly sad. And Ugly…but can’t argue with that price.

  3. I;m not sticking up for Ford, but all new Civics had a major recall in which the wheel would fall off when driving…

  4. yes, this is not a very good looking car. Vince, those Civic prices… ummm, those are not for automatic(the one you quote) or you just did not add the shipping and handling, to it? I say this because for cruise and automatic(with a/c, which the base Civic does not have, nor cruise), it was OVER 17,000+ dollars(closer to 17,500, from what I was told 2 weeks ago, by the dealership. The base automatic was 15,800, around there… or something,where it was 15,199 last year,iirc).

    Save your money, if you want MPG, and wait for the brand new Corolla coming out soon( SEMA show, we’ll find out what we are getting).

    BTW: Vince… what’s up? Why so few cars from Frankfurt last week on your site?

  5. a betterpicture of the 2 door would be it sinking into that river, versus just sitting next to it, uglying-up the scenery!
    This is just sad.
    Astra 3 door coming out(albeit, to me, a high price, for automatic/etc…20K?Hope they build them here next time, or China, or Mexico…somewhere to get the MSRP to 17K or something)…
    and Ford gives us this thing?
    Uggh! Please!
    The side vent is, well, distracting in an ugly way.
    The grille is not much better.
    35MPG…. Kia Optima can get 34MPG on the hwy; a Mid-sized family sedan.
    It’s like the 70’s all over again: people buyig smaller vehicles, higher MPG vehicles, and we have what, Chrysler Caliber at a whopping 30 mpg.
    (supposedly, the Neon replacement? How?).
    Then Ford gives us this..IF it gets the advertised 35 MPG,that is.
    Still, who would want to look at this for 4-5 years in the driveway?
    Chevy Aveo? Ughh..slightly better looking…but still a re-worked Daewoo, no matter how ya slice it.
    Cobalt? I remember Vince’s report form June of 06… craftsmanship to match the best China has to (currently) offer!

    I’ll just wait for either the rumored Jetta diesel to get 50-60 MPG, comes out next year, at under 20K(probably no options).. or the rumored 09 Fit-like Hybrid, 17K to start..from Honda.

  6. compared to euro focus this one looks dated…

    and it’s definitely unsafer than the euro focus…

    why on earth did ford make the decision not to kick this one and get the EU focus to the US asap???

    i don’t get it… price is a good argument, but when your dead a few bucks more in your account don’t matter….

  7. I think they know they screwed up….AGAIN! The pricing probably reflects that fact, and really, take another 2 or 3 K off of it and some may buy.

  8. Ford did with this exactly what they did with the new Escape. It is basically a reskinning of the old vehicle which was already dated. Look how well it did with the Escape, read the C&D review online it is horrible. To make matters worse they gave the Focus comical styling and a cheezy interior. Fords money would have been better spent importing the European Focuses (or Foci?)


  9. Does Ford have something against its home market? You seem to get decidedly average models cobbled together from components found elsewhere in the Ford Group:

    Focus – 1st generation Euro model
    Fusion – Mazda 6
    Taurus – old Volvo S80.

    Purely from the perspective of being an outsider, I don’t think that it’s even remotely fair on US buyers.

  10. Is this is what Ford thinks is an acceptable competitor to the Civic, the Mazda 3 and the Koreans? My family bought only Fords in the 60s, 70s and 80s. So I have been hoping that they’d get their act together every year with great new vehicles. They’ve had no success in the non-truck category since the mid 80s Taurus and Thunderbird. My last three cars were Audis and I haven’t considered a Ford in nearly two decades. Ford sells appealing vehicles oversees but they clearly dont know what the hell they’re doing in their own market. Ford always has a big dispaly at the Javits entrance every year at the auto show. Rather than being proud and excited to see it, I walked around it this year. It’s just too depressing.

  11. I had hopes for Ford a couple years ago. I think the Fusion is a very good car. It was almost good enough, but not a solid hit. But recently, what’s with the Escape’s cheap update, the clunky redesign and schitzo naming of the Taurus/500, the neglect of the Mercury and Lincoln brands? It is conspicuously obvious that things are going to get much worse at Ford before they get better.

  12. it always has to get worse before it gets better…

    to not sell the EU focus is a crime… just lain stupid…

    and the with mondeo same thing….

    nuff said…

  13. Hmmm, do I buy a weird looking Ford Focus or one of them Honda Civics where the wheels fall off? Decisions, decisionsā€¦

  14. Anonymous said…
    Hmmm, do I buy a weird looking Ford Focus or one of them Honda Civics where the wheels fall off? Decisions, decisionsā€¦

    10:34 AM
    Well, forone, NO ONE DIED inthe Civics… how many died in the Bronco I, II and Explorers? More than none, you can bet(do some research, UAW, before posting next time).
    I won’t buy a OVERPRICED Civic, myself.
    But…if I had a choice, the coupe Civic would win out over this Cartoon.
    If they sold these Foci, loaded, for 12,000 dollars, zero percent financing for 5 years, then thye might have a hit, again.

    Junk starts with the letter F, as in Focus.
    Mulhally(0r however ya spell his name) is worhtless.

  15. Kiddies – instead of looking at Porn on the internet, you might do your homework before commenting. This car will be on the market for two years only and was in the pipeline before Mullaly came to Ford. They are building the newest version in 2010 (that version will even replace the newely introduded revised European Focus).

  16. Re: Civic’s wheel coming off… A recall done by the automaker not by government force like Ford is dealing with still with Crown Victoria police cars/gas tank and of course past diasters of Ford Explorer, Pinto, & F-150 cruise control fire. Also, the Focus was recalled 10 times within the first 2 years of production. So, you can’t dog on the Civic especially a car that has been redesigned twice since Ford Focus introduction in 1999.

  17. the focus is the best selling smal car in the world
    a much better car than the ugly civic or anything else from japan or any other asian countri

    thisiis a great car at a great car
    they will sell tons of these

  18. if ford is “a great car at a great car”, then why dont they just import their existing models? maybe i want a car designed in this century, and maybe it would bring ford out of the mountain of debt its currently in. WhatCar? UK thinks the new mondeo is almost too big, and i would probably agree. europe doesnt need a large family hatch, but the us certainly does.

    import the ford territory, the new focus, or at least the new mondeo for starters, and then maybe i would put my family in an american car

    and the bestselling car in the world is, and has been for the last couple of decades, the toyota corolla. the 2nd best is the vee dub golf, so youre not even close

  19. Anonymous said…
    Kiddies – instead of looking at Porn on the internet, you might do your homework before commenting. This car will be on the market for two years only and was in the pipeline before Mullaly came to Ford. They are building the newest version in 2010 (that version will even replace the newely introduded revised European Focus).

    12:50 PM

    Living in 2010 -we may all be dead by then-who knows, is akin to living in 2000, like this Focus. lol. šŸ˜‰

    Can’t predict the future, or change the past, so why live in either?

    Live Now.

    I am waiting for the promised flying car of 2015…. lalalala

  20. About mulahally….or whatever…. he has the power to change names, grilles, etc…looks of current cars..where’s his real power to put a halt to this garbage, and bring what we want from Europe?
    Toothless Tiger…wow… he calls the 500 the Taurus now… wow… I’m amazed! roll-eyes.

  21. The way Chrysler got Jim Press, others, to work there now… Ford may be in trouble….. it Appears chrysler/cerberus is serious about a fairly rapid turn around..while Ford TALKS A LOT about turnarounds.
    This car, here 2 years, or 1, or whatever…does nothing for Ford’s reputation.
    Who knows, by 2010, when Ford is selling the New Ford…. Chrysler, if they are honestly trying… may succeed, and have 3-5 small cars, people like? Never know!
    They were thought to be dead in the water a few times over 25 years…and came back strong.
    Never know.
    Of course, Kia may have better products than this by 2009!

    The new Focus better get 40-45 MPG in 2010, the waygas prices are going…since Corolla(next generation) should see 40+(automatic) MPG, as should the Civic by 2010.
    Maybe they’ll have diesels/hybrids?
    Seems Big 3 is playing catch-up the past few years( they are what, 8-10 years behind on hybrids…. best cars might get 35-37 MPG, MAYBE….and gas probably won’t be 85-95 cents again, like it was in 1998, for a short time).

    Ford also tries to give you the old school sales pitch(lies)…locally.
    They try to blow smoke at you, and when you call their bluff, and use information from black book(they HATE black book, as it gets you more $$$ for trade ins)….etc….they cringe, and sort of quit trying.
    I was going to check out the new Focus..but why bother?
    35MPG? Hmmm. My tC got 34 a few times, hwy… 160HP, 2.4 L….I-4…automatic, no less.
    saem msrp, almost…too.
    avg 32-33 MPG mixed as is(75% hwy, 25% city).
    Why bother?
    This MIGHT be a better alternative to the Spectra by Kia(uggh.. )…but that might be it.

  22. I’d hate to be a back seat passenger in the coupe on a nice day. You couldn’t open the rear windows unless you kicked them out.

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