2008 Lexus GS

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Not really needed, but why not.

I wonder if engines or interior have been modified…

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  1. I live in an area where there are a ton of executives and other wealthy people. I rarely see a GS, maybe twice a week. This vehicle is boring to drive.

    Sad, because it looks pretty good.


  2. i hope to put the 4.6L on it instead of the old 4.3L engine
    and interior i think its still good
    i like that interior

  3. Here in CA I see the GS all the time…nice looking vehicle. I think however the rear end could use some work, maybe they will update that.

  4. Yawn. Lexus updates an awkwardly styled car with a few design tweaks and viol√°, it’s still an awkwardly styled car. Why bother?

  5. The V8 goes to 4.6L but this is not exactly the same engine as the LS as Lexus leaves the direct injection off for the GS. The HP numbers are estimated to be around 340.

  6. Lexus GS450h is the most impressive car I have ever driven. If I had lots of money, I would buy it instantly.

  7. Yep. GS 350 and 460, with the 460 now with the seriously needed power advantage ove rthe 300hp GS 350. 342hp is still not enough in my opinion, but it is comparable to its competition. The interior gets new maple wood and the trunk and fuel filler lid now have auxillary buttins that are easier to reach.
    I can’t wait for these to start depreciating so I can maybe pick me up a nice one in cherry condition.

  8. I second that comment from one who had test driven the car.

    For those who commented without any experience of the car, just STFU.
    You’d wish you’d be able to afford this “boring” car!

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