2008 Mini convertible

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The line up will be complete when the new convertible hits the dealers in a few months.
Based on the redesigned 2007 Mini, it pretty much looks the same . Just like the hatchback model.

And I see they kept the enormous blind spot in the back. Nice….

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  1. The convertible is nice, but maybe more practical for
    LA people or HW people. I am really waiting for the AWD models…

  2. And I see they kept the enormous blind spot in the back. Nice….

    Ah, but don’t forget, Vince, we were dressed down here before by a lovely poster who said there is no such thing as a blind spot if we have our mirrors positioned correctly and used them appropriately.

    Anyway, I’m glad BMW didn’t change the Mini very much. It still looks fresh and fun. The convertible is still quite charming.

  3. I’m sorry, but this top-up convertible is ugly… possibly because of that huge blind spot. It needs something back there to break up that huge canvas C-“pillar”. Preferably something transparent!

  4. OK. MINI’s are cute and all, but I am really getting tired of the retro styling. I am especially tired of the huge, center mounted speedos!

    I remember seeing a sketch of an upcoming BMW ‘mini type’ hatchback that is the same size as the Cooper. It would be great if MINI introduced a new model that is the same size as the Cooper but without all the retro styling. Could MINI sell 2 different models of the same size and price range?

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