2009 Chevrolet Traverse

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This should come out at the Detroit show early next year.
Unless they decide L.A is a better place for in this November.

Just a Chevrolet version of the Saturn Outlook.
So it will look nice. And will have its own interior.

The Chevrolet model will be the cheapest version.

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  1. GM just stop flooding the market already with the copycat models!
    Buick has the best one out of all of them.
    The Chevy models tend to have the worst interior of the bunch, and average to below average reliablity. Its pretty bad when Kia and Hyundai have passed you.

  2. I wish they had simply made the Outlook as a Chevy instead of a Saturn. Saturn didn’t need a vehicle as big as the Tahoe.

  3. Yeah the Chevy is going to have HORRIBLE relability compared to the Buick, even though they will share a great deal of parts along with the Chevy being built by former quality driven Saturn factory workers…

  4. This will do fine. Many people who would buy a Chevrolet would not consider a Saturn. The dominance of Chevrolet dealership numbers can only help get the great underpinnings of this vehicle to more customers. Yes, I would buy the Buick if I were in the market for a Lambda class vehicle.

  5. This will be the biggest seller of all the GM CUVs, and it’s not a bad looking roller. Expect big sales, bigger than Blazer or the Trailblazer.

  6. This is a complete fake! Nice Try Vince!

    That being said, This site has to have the most anti-American people on it! GM vehicles have been and continue to improve every year! Stop drinking the Import is better koolaid and open your mind to your own country’s products. Unless that is you want to be driving a Cherry in a few years! Sheesh!

  7. Man, some of you guys are so dramatic and sour. This is a nice looking vehicle and the other versions from which this will be based have ranked very very well. So I’m sure it will sell very well. What GM shouldn’t do is allow this platform to grow old on the vine, unchanged after seven years as they are surpassed by Toyota and the Koreans with newer models. I tend to think that after thirty years, GM has finally learned their lesson.

  8. hmm, i could understand three or four inches of lower bumper plastic, but a foot of it?! no, this chevy is the ugliest of all its stablemates for some reason. and if i wanted a 200-inch-long vehicle to haul eight kids in, hell id just take the radical approach and buy a minivan. i wish people would consider what car to buy before they just head off to the good-old-american chevy dealer every three years…

  9. Chevy needs to change the logo. The bow tie looks
    to tacky. Also, I hate the grill of the MXD Acura too.

  10. GM vehicles have been and continue to improve every year!

    Yet still behind the competition.

    I tend to think that after thirty years, GM has finally learned their lesson.

    That qualifies them as being a slow learner.

  11. why bother???? Another faceless SUV. But don’t worry… they won’t sell many and they will drop the name plate in a couple years.

  12. RELIABLE???? My definition of reliable is sticking to a current model and improving it. Why doesn’t GM improve what they have? It is because they simply can’t figured it out.

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