All new A4 next to a suit.

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It does look bigger than before (the car…)

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  1. I can’t figure out which one is dressed more conservatively and boring, the guy in the suit or the car.

  2. I think Audi made a mistake by allowing the new A4 to be so conservative. In a segment dominated by the BMW 3-series, a competitor’s design needs to be a little more eye-catching to stand out. We know the goods are their already, but the looks aren’t.

  3. Love this. Based on the lower grille and the wheels, I was expecting this to be the RS4. But the mirrors aren’t chromed and the fenders aren’t as flared as the RS4 probably will be. Regardless, this is a very sharp ride.

  4. “I can’t figure out which one is dressed more conservatively and boring, the guy in the suit or the car.”……………

    How could anyone say this car is boring? Compared to what? Give me a break.

    Maybe you’ll be more comfortable with a presenter who is a fat guy in sneakers, jean shorts and a long sloppy t-shirt when the A4 is presented in LA or Detroit? In Europe, presenters are expected to wear suits that fit properly.

    If you want an exciting car, you’re welcome to kick the tires of the “fun” Toyota Camry. I hear they’re adding more plastic cladding to the bottom for 08.

  5. This car is beautiful in every way, i know many people who still prefer the styling of the current A4 over the new 3-series so this should’nt be a problem at all. I know americans prefer to see people dressed in holloween costumes driving pontiacs with flamejobs but europeans and canadians prefer to see clean cut well dressed people in sharp looking cars like this one.

  6. This is the all-new A4? How could anyone possibly tell? Has anything changed at all apart from that slash at the bottom of the doors? I know that this is a fine car, but I agree with 10.13 that Audi should have tried to do something a little more original, or at least a car that could be recognisably identified as a new model!

  7. “Wow what a stunner from Audi, this is a groundbreaking car in both style and quality finish” said the motor trend reporter at the 1978 frankfurt auto show

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