All new Mazda 6 sedan

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A really good looking car that might really hurt the new Accord and Camry.

This is from far Mazda’s best effort to be successful in this market.
The base engine is rumored to get more power, and the V6 will be Ford’s new 3.5 Liter engine.

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  1. Nice job Mazda. This may very well be the best looking sedan — inside and out — in its class on the market. It makes the dowdy and already old looking “brand new” Accord look even worse. As for motorvation, I’ve heard the top engine will be Mazda’s 273 hp 3.7L V6 found in the CX-9.

  2. Even the base stereo looks good. Real nice interior. I like the guages and steering wheel too. Heck…I love the whole interior!

    I agree…I think this car is, at least, going to give Accord and Camry a run for their money. Similar features with some style…what’s not to like?


  3. Look at Just the rear end/trunk on the sedan, then look @ the Sebring: Same design scheme!
    Maybe if the Sebring(rest of Mazda6) looked like this… they’d do better?
    My gripe is the nearest Mazda dealershi[s are 65-80 miles one way, where as you have Honda, Toyota,Hyundai all withing 40 mile limit(2 Toyota, 2Honda, and 2 Hyundai, Zero Mazda)is nearly 90 minute drive away.
    Then MSRP also… people who do buy from these 3 buy Corolla, Civic, or Sonata…(similar MSRP’s…sale price of Sonata= , or lower than some Civics or Corollas, with I-4 in the Sonata).
    Peoplemaking 10-14 per hour don’t look for nicest car, per se, due to budget…they buy by price, and of course withgas at 3.29-3.59 per gallon, they would rather drive 35 miles one way than 65-80(and time and conveinence..sp?).
    Nice car.. too bad we may not see the Mondeo-Mazda 5 door.

  4. Mazda’s popularity is gaining strength. Mazda is on board with building cars with appeal. When compared to the Camary, there is little doubt which car is more appealing. I have owned a Mazda for two years now and the only time have gone back to the dealer is to change the oil.

  5. That top picture is gorgeous. I love the new Accord and I love this thing. I’d like to see a comparo!

    I hope Mazda brings the hatch here, I am not interested in the sedan version at all. Its just a shame that it has the Ford sourced 3.5 liter.


  6. I agree with what all you guys are saying, but will it get tired quick?

    That is the one thing about Honda, you may not like them at first glance, but by the time the model is due you are already hooked on the present one.

  7. This will be an Accord Killer!

    This is another level compared to the last 6….I just wish they would stretch it just a little and have a RWD Mazda 9 counterpart!!!

    …but it’ll never happen 🙁

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