All new Renault Kangoo

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Maybe Nissan can find it in their hart to rebadge this and sell it over here as a Scion competitor…..

The new Scion models don’t even offer a sunroof as an option…

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  1. Cute car, but oh no. Can’t import it. Would be too expensive. Just ask Ford. They know everything.

  2. Indeed, it will be cheap for a cheap car.
    Vince, Nissan is already marketing a copy of the current version in Europe and some developping countries, as “Kubistar”, but only as a utility version. The Kangoo is a cheap proposal compared to much more expensive compact minivans (Scenic, C4-Picasso, VW Touran, Mazda5, Zafira, Corolla Verso, etc…)

  3. Another inexpensive, incredibly practical car that we will never see on our shores.

    Shame, I think it would be a neat vehicle.


  4. Of course the interior is “cheap-looking”: This is a cheap utility van converted to carry passengers instead of cargo; it’s not a minivan of the Scenic/Zafira sort. Its competitors would be cars like the Ford Tourneo, Fiat Dobl√≥, VW Caddy, Opel Combo, etc. (I don’t know if any of you Americans have ever heard of those).

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