All new Toyota Matrix

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Coming at the SEMA show next month.
As well as the all new US Corolla.

Just this little teaser for now.
Amazing how they can keep a secret…

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  1. Looks the same from here….they aren’t keeping much a secret.

    The most interesting question is “What’s under it’s hood?” the same underpowered garbage that even a Protege5 could eat for lunch?

  2. it’ll be just as butt ugly as the toyota Zio wagon shown here. Toyota should do themselves a favour and not build us up so much for mediocre, at best, designs.

  3. Please still offer it with a manual transmission. Oh and offering the a celia-type engine again would be nice.

  4. I wish it was an Auris/Blade but I doubt it….I think it is a re-badge special and I hope I’m wrong

  5. The revised Matrix will have a sportier look to it, especially the front and rear ends. It will closely resemble the original 2005 Pontiac Vibe with some cool extra features previously unavailable. Torque and Horsepower will also be increased 20% over last years model!

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