Audi A3 convertible on the road

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Pretty cute looking.
But not for us.

Audi will not bring their little convertible to the US.
Instead, if you want an Audi convertible, you’ll have to wait for the topless version of the A5. Which should be well over $45 000…

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  1. so this is the next generation VW Cabriolet…anyone else remember the early 90’s?!
    Great way to charge more money by making it an Audi.

  2. Bread-and-butter companies like Renault, Ford, Opel, Peugeot and yes, VW, offer convertibles with automatic folding steel roofs. So do Mercedes, BMW and Volvo. How long does Audi think they’re going to get away with these fabric tops? This car is not on sale yet and it’s already outdated…

  3. Exactly my thoughts. It looks like a 90s Cabrio which was based on the Mk3 Golf. This looks like a more modern version of that. Which makes sense since the A4 is based off of the Mk5 Golf platform. Can this compete with the retractable hardtop, presumably cheaper Eos?

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