Audi A5 Pricing.

Last Updated:

The manual verion will be $39 900.
Automatic will be $ 41 200.
On sale in the US next spring.

It is over $3000 more than the BMW 328 Coupe.
The Audi looks great, but I really don’t think they should price themselves $3000 over BMW…

The S5 will be slightly over $50 000.

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  1. hey Vince, how many cups of coffee have you had so far?

    Wow, thanks for all these updates … we like updates!

  2. VW needs to get their pricing in line with their products. Audi is starting to inherit VWs pricing problems.

    328 or A5? I’ll take the bimmer, thanks.


  3. I would still take a 3 series over this any day. Although this is sexy car, there is just something about it that doesn’t look right.

  4. Agree with the other anon who said its $3000 prettier than the bmw. It is a classic design. Simply beutiful.

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