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That new Toyota Camry based wagon.

I don’t think it looks that bad. And it might prove to actually be quite popular in the US.

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  1. Doesn’t look enough like an SUV for oil-greedy Americans, but we can always hope they’ll wake up from their stupor. This wagon should meet most any family’s needs.

  2. Yikes! I wonder how many design teams worked on the exterior of this proportionally-challenged eyesore?

  3. “as long as they change the grill, it looks like such a fish right now.”

    You are right pjl35 – it does look like a fish.

  4. Toyota tries to be all things to all people and it really shows in their designs (its as though they are the Walmart of the industry). They start with an excellent design but have to water it down to try and not offend the masses. The last adventurous design from them was the last generation Celica which didn’t last too long.

  5. Doesn’t look…tooooo bad…..

    But it’s a little too puffy for my tastes….I hope it reflects the interior space.

    I know well get the usual Alien-like Toyota front end for the US, so I’m not even worried about that.

  6. Huge doors are fine in middle America but in most congested cities, they are more useless than smaller doors because they can’t be opened fully due to smaller parking spaces. I think sliding doors are a way to go but then they might turn off lots of people because of the minivan stigma. Shame of us Americans for wanting look over practicality.

    Long live a MINIVAN!

  7. Another snoozer design from Toyota… lathered in their famously exciting champagne “camry color” no less.

  8. this rendition looks pretty close to the concept. i’m sure it can go either way before it comes to the us market. it could be spruced up or dumbed down. i’d definitely like to see a trd sport model. with the most optimal sliding suicide doors. and i’d kill myself before i bought anything named taurus again. douchebag jones your name says it all.

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