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The new Accord (Top) against the new Mazda6.

At least on these pictures, the Accord seems much more luxurious.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the new Mazda 6, especially the HATCH! Mazda, you’ve read that right, I live in the USA and I want to BUY the HATCHBACK!!!!! Anyway, I agree with you Vince, the back seat of the Accord does look better than the new 6. I think it’s the side door panels. The panel does’nt look as good as in the Accord. One thing I hate inside the Accord is the center stack. It does’nt look ergonomic at all. Also, to me, it just does’nt look good.


  2. The Accord’s backseat doesn’t look any better than the Mazda 6. Some wood trim and a few wrinkles in the leather don’t make it more luxurious. I like the Mazda’s color scheme better, and on the outside, the 6 beats the Accord by a wiiiiide margin.

  3. That’s not modern, its a lack of time and attention to detail spent on the mazda. In person the accord has much much better proportions than any picture.

  4. They both leave something to be desired, namely rear air vents…

    Now the Avalon, with its reclining rear seats, THAT’S luxury.

  5. I agree with comments made about having to actually sit in one to be able to judge accurately.
    To me in my opinion form a picture the 6 has a more modern look and design compared to the accord.

    And i’m sorry in pics or real life the exterior of the 6 wins hands down over the koren look exterior of the new accord.

    One thing that many haven’t considered also, is the accord is bigger than the 6, yet the 6 looks just as roomy…and it’s lighter than the accord and previous 6.
    To me Mazda is doinf a great job…

  6. Wrongo Vinco, The Acoord looks like a 1982 Chrysler New Yorker, as in old style, and the Mazda looks like something all-new, due out mext year from Bimmer or Merc.

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