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What is this?
it’s from Ford. Here is the caption:
“Safety benefits of adaptive headlamps linked to satnav data is included in Ford/EU research”

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  1. this picture is a little deceiving. i’m pretty sure the shot is of a fog light as it’s so close to the tires…

  2. This is kind of a stupid topic since it is all guess.
    The only relevant info. is about the satnav but we in the US will never get it.

  3. Agreed…I think it’s a fog lamp. Adaptive headlights connected to the sat-nav system? WTF is that? You can’t get stability control on Ford cars( I can get it on a freakin’ Hyundai), but you’ll be able to get the headlights rigged to the sat-nav system? Ford…just build a decent car already…forget the cigarette lighter hooked up to the valve stem caps via the sat-nav and headlights.


  4. Anonymous said…

    This is kind of a stupid topic since it is all guess.

    I couldn’t agree less. Speculation and conversation are part of what make a site interesting.

    As for the picture of the fog lamp, it’s a tad over-styled, but let’s see the rest of the vehicle. Vince has generated interest in something.

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