BMW X6 Concept

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Not sure why they labeled this a concept. Looks production ready to me.
And why do they bother putting out a concept version of something that’s about to come out…

But it does look cool.
I guess all the 1000s of spy shots helped getting used to the idea…

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  1. Whoa. That’s what the Porsche Cayenne should have looked like instead of looking like a Hyundai Sante Fe with a 911 front end.

    One wonders about rear headroom though.

  2. I can’t find a more ridiculous car in the entire show. I think BMW comes to the conclusion that old Bangle is too old, time for some hiring from SsangYong.

  3. Just more proof that the automobile industry is sneaking in the old hatchbacks as a modern crossover vehicle. Costs less to build, less cargo space for the consumer and more profits for the big guys!

  4. Is what we’ve all been waiting for? A CONCEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats some cock eyed BULL………….!

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