BMW X6 video

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Looks like this one might turn out to look pretty nice.

Although I still don’t really get the idea of an SUV with such limited headroom.

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  1. Im quite sure i have never seen anyone in the backseat of an x5 or x3, ever, and never once have a seen a backseat passenger in a range rover ! but its nice to have the back doors if you ever need it to carry people. also 2 doors just dont sell well, so this makes sense and a great plunge into the cls territory while being jacked up to se all the road ahead, just dont call the damn things a coupe, coupe means 2 doors everyone ! I drive a small toyota and a f-150 by myself 85% of the time, and ill tell ya the toyota drives me nuts not being taller to see down the road, in the truck i see all the dangers ahead, and people dont f*ck with me in the truck and get out of my way, the toyota is a doormat on the freeway ! so even thought the truck cost me twice as much on my 52 mile round trip to and from work i prefer it bigtime, so dont knock big vehicles till you spend lots and lots of time in both.

    I really admire chris bangle alot he’s got some balls and is very driven in his design language and does not back down to critisism from just about everyone, and i admire that BMW has kept him around and not fired him and listened to all the complainers of his designs ! im a rare bird in totally loving the 7 series and find it one of the more interesting designs out there, and would love to own one some day, but i will say the last 2 5 series are ugly and the latest z4 is nasty, but it shows a designer cant always bat 1000 in everyones eyes . he has won alot of respect and pissed alot of people off but hey he’s got some balls !!!

  2. I think we’ve finally reached the Apex (anti-climacticly…I believe) of the Crossover world…

    A Sport Coupe Sedan SUV…but all I see is a bulky vehicle with no room what so ever.

    I’ll take a minivan and a roadster….because the combination of both is just a useless mess!

    But they can get away with it simply because they are BMW and people that can afford these things always like the newest of the bunch…’ll never see vehicles like this from high volume companies….because no one will buy/can afford them.

    I respect the idea of the 1 series however….

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