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A good looking Chinese coupe.
1.8 Liter Turbo with 170hp.
The car is supposed to go on sale in Europe next year. And maybe the US shortly after.

They are talking of prices between $15 000 and $21 000. But I am nost sure how anyone can figure out a price in dollars if the car isn’t for sale in the US…

If it is a Euro/Dollar conversion, that would mean the car could be much cheaper over here…

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  1. Looks like a cheap copy of Hyundai coupe. That sounds like a crushed paper version of McDonald burgers.

  2. Shouldn’t most cars with short trunks be a hatchback? It just makes sense.

    (Hello Honda Accord Coupe)

  3. well, if the thing passes our emissions, and crash tests, and does well..why not?
    I am sure the 15K…probably more like 13-14K…after arguing, it, 2001 Tibby prices, on sale, in 2009.
    One guy I sent the link to…your site, Vince, said it has cues of more costly vehicles, the tail/head light

    BTW: about 10 days ago, NHSTA/China signed some agreement about working together..and that will mean better cars from the start.

    sooooooooooo, just like the folks who alughed at Japanese, then Hyundai/Kia…. these guys are picking up the pace, FAST, it appears.

  4. Vince Burlapp said…

    I agree.
    This one IS a hatch.

    Yeah, I kinda figured with the rear wiper. Hatches make so much sense.

    The BC3’s taillights are a bit unusual (which is fine), and the profile reminds me of a Cobalt, but this is a decent looking car overall. I even like the groove detail behind the door handles. This is one of the better Chinese car designs.

  5. that is so true, japan copied USA/Europe, korea copied USA/Europe/japan, China copies them all. There is nothing that can be done, industrialized countries can’t compete with labor cost of a dollar a day.

  6. Not a bad effort. As a pleasant change for the Chinese it doesn’t look especially like anything else (although I wouldn’t have flinched if you’d said it was a Hyundai).
    There’s a hole in the market fro cheap coupés of the likes that Fiat used to build in the 60s/70s – the Chinese could fill that if they put the effort into design (or pay Europeans to do it as I suspect they did here).

  7. There is likely to be a lot of resistance to Chinese cars due to the toy, pet food, toothpaste, car fuses, baby bib fiascos. I’ll not be buying a Chinese car until they are well proven.

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