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Not sure if Chinese maker Brilliance can recover from their recent scary crash test results with their larger sedan.
But it looks like they are willing to try.
And try again in Europe where they now want to compete in the Golf/Focus class.

Good luck….

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  1. Maybe it’ll have lead-based paints, toxic poisons, and other tainted chemicals for us all to consume.

  2. I see Opel Astra, old Rover 200/25, some Audi A3, and those fog lights are ripped straight off something else but I can’t remember what.
    What’s the prize for the person who identifies all of the cars Photoshopped into the picture?
    This is a great game the Chinese have invented. So uncharacteristically creative of them.

  3. This car will not sell in Europe unless it is a)really ridiculously cheap and b)rasonably safe. Otherwise, it will just never be in a position to compete with the very cheap, reasonably safe, romanian-built Dacias, which are selling quite well.

  4. I read where the BS6 passed a crash safety test in Spain with a 3 out of 5. Wonder how they managed that? Surely they didn’t have time to do any re-engineering or rebuilding in such a short period of time. Spain wants them? Spain can have them!

  5. the grille looks like a skoda…to Made in Taichiea: brilliance is chinese, ROC. taiwan is not mainland china… and there not stealing designs like the chinese do right now… Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBrilliance China Auto, also known as Huachen (华晨), is an automobile manufacturer based in Shenyang, Liaoning in the People’s Republic of China.In 2003 BMW and Brilliance signed a deal for the production of sedans in China.Brilliance’s BS6 (Zhonghua) sedan failed to pass an ADAC crash test in Germany, getting only one star out of a possible five. A Brilliance spokesman claimed it “was only a temporary setback”. It still expected to sell 158,000 cars in Europe over the next five years.

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