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Yes, everybody gets the new Ford Mondeo.
Everybody but us that is…

The Chinese version has some new trims, and most of all, a longer wheelbase.
That seems pretty popular over there. Where the Cadillac STS is also sold with a longer wheelbase than the US model.
(The Chinese STS also has a much better interior, much needed in the US version).

So how about this “bigger” Mondeo as a Mercury?

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  1. Instead, we get tainted food, toys, dog food, shoes, medicines, and a domestic Fusion while China gets our money and the better car.

    Gee, thanks!

  2. GM has already shown pics of the revised STS for the US. And the interior is the same old one.
    With a few minute trim changes.

    Not the whole new, and great looking, one for the Chinese market.

  3. Anonymous said…

    LOL, you don’t have to buy any of it!

    A product doesn’t have to be made in China to have Chinese content, thusly, it isn’t labeled for the consumer to choose not to buy.

    Irregardless, it’s a crying shame Ford has shortchanged Americans with lackluster products for so long while giving its best to other countries.

  4. For cars it does have to have the percent of chinese content, or any other country for that matter, I do believe that is a law? Someone know?

  5. I’m probably one of only a few people who have been in a Chinese market STS. While it’s slightly different, it’s by no way better than the domestic verison. For that matter, the interior of the domestic version STS is very very good in spite of the prevailing opinion here.

    As for a domestic Mondeo, it is best suited to be the next Fusion. The Fusion is a very competitive sedan and it wouldn’t make sense to offer a redundant vehicle. It wouldn’t get the necessary dealer network if it were branded as a Mercury. Ford has been a little bit gun-shy about offering EU vehicles to the US ever since the Contour and the Merkur sedans.

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