Chubby nerd drives the new Accord

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I must say, the car does look much better in person.
I have only seen the sedan so far.

Tough life for the Camry….

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  1. Vince stop being so patronising and vindictive towards this guy. Unlike you he gets paid to drive cars rather than simply being a blogger…..also vince maybe you should take a look in the mirror before criticising the qualities of others.

  2. I look great, I live in Hollywood, I am in movies, and I look great!

    The chubby nerd has nothing on me…

  3. I saw the new couope and sedan tonight, and I find it funny the EX 4 cylinder has 190 hp, and cost about the same as my 98 Prelude, which also has 190 hp, and is San Marino red which you can also order in the new car. With the V6 now in 30k territory, I would much rather have a G37 or new CTS.

  4. Man bigger everywhere but the trunk lid. Every car now has a trunk lid that makes the car look weird. I had to craw in my cousin’s Mazda3 just get the groceries that where all the way up by the backseat. And also the new sedan from the b pillar back remind me of a Saturn L series…not a good thing. I love the front end though. And yes the dude is nerdy, but he has my dream job too.

  5. The G37 starts at $35 000. And that’s not as well equiped as a loaded $30 000 Accord.
    Good luck finding one for the price of a Honda…

  6. I would take an accord over the G37 or the CTS. I sat in a G coupe over the weekend and it has the worst seats. I mean, I have a narrow ass and comfortably fit in most sport seats but these seats are designed for a 80 pound asian woman. I can’t imagine how most americans will be comfortable piloting that thing, it is great looking though. BTW, the top accord and camry have been in the 30k range for a while. I also sat in the 08 accord. The interior is as nice as anything up to 40k. It is big and has the usual honda quality. It seems to be a bargain at the asking price. It made my 06 accord seem old school by comparison.

  7. I’ve been a Honda fan for many, many years. Sadly, the new Accord is the second ugliest Honda I’ve seen to date (the Element being the first). The front grill belongs on a truck, not a sedan. The headlights look bulbous and weird. The whole rear looks like a Hyundai. NO, the new Accord DOES NOT look upscale. NO, it DOES NOT resemble a BMW (or any other premium car) from any angle. YES, the dash center stack looks shockingly cluttered and busy. The recessed navi screen WITHOUT touchscreen is another step back in usability. I don’t care if the interior is more spacious with better materials. The Accord never lacked in those areas compared to its competitors. Of course people are still going to buy it in droves like lemmings because of the Honda name. Such blind followers deserve to be screwed by Honda dealers charging MSRP and over. An ugly car is an ugly car, and the new Accord is exactly that. It actually makes the Camry look nice inside and out.

  8. Personally I don’t think this thing will do a thing to help end the accord slide vs camry and altima. It really looks like the unloved saturn LS, and even if the coupe looks a little better, like a pontiac, thats not enough to make up for the ungainly sedan. My engineer friends from Honda don’t even like it.

  9. Boy, you don’t like that average american kid look.Is that your photo at the top of the page. Honda makes the best cars in the world and I never buy them. B O R I N G !

  10. Ugly guy meets ugly car. I’ve seen both the Accord coupe and sedan in person. While the coupe is a bit better looking, neither car is remotely attractive.


  12. First of all Vince, cut it out and don’t make fun of this guy. We can deal with your iffy automotive judgment and poor spelling, but you don’t need to be nasty toward individuals who surely read this blog. I would love to be this guy and drive new cars every day for a living. He looks like a perfectly average suburbanite and is much thinner than the average Camry driving American fatty.

    Secondly, this Accord is a terribly clunky and disjointed design. I think I understand what Honda was going for, but they didn’t execute the design well at all.

  13. I do not intend to make fun of this guy. And he does have a great job.

    But to me, he does look like a chubby nerd.
    I’m just describing what I see.

    I could call him much worse names. But that would be making fun….

  14. I do not intend to make fun of this guy. And he does have a great job.

    But to me, he does look like a chubby nerd.
    I’m just describing what I see.

    I could call him much worse names. But that would be making fun….

  15. In that “comedy” of yours of youtube i must say that you are white chubby and kinda geeky looking yet we manage to limit ourselves to cars rather than the making comments about the dweeby guy with a bad sense of humor running this blog that’s not starring in any good movies.

  16. Vince,

    Most people can’t be ripped and buff underwear models like you and me. I lose sleep over it. It’s a shame that we are so wonderful when others aren’t. Truly a shame.

    Call me. Tomorrow’s ab and chest day and I’ll let you spot me when I’m ready to do decline presses. Then we’ll grab a protein shake.

    Later bud…
    D. Beckham

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