Chubby nerd sits in the new Malibu

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Well, I think it looks even better in this video.
The interior seems really nice. Better than the pictures I saw of it before.
Although the back seat looks pretty cramped with that guy in there (maybe he’s 9 feet tall, who knows)

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  1. What a nice, handsome car. Finally in Malibu’s long name history, it has an interior not to be ashamed of. Good things come to those who wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…

  2. Nice looking car. It appears to be very nicely put together. The host is a pudge. And his review was worthless.

  3. Am I the only one who feels slightly let down by the fact that there’s still no rear armrest in their Camry/Accord level sedans? Yes, I know it’s nitpicking, but c’mon…

  4. This is a great looking car. Saw a black LTZ at the New York State Fair. One of only three pre production cars. It was a looker. This car has class and looks very much like a lexus. The interior was two tone black and brown. GM has a winner with this one.

  5. It looks downright old compared to the competition. And with gm’s long history of using sub par parts, you can bet you’ll be getting to know your local chevrolet mechanic on a first name basis.

  6. Lexus look alike? Yeah, right. This thing looks like a VW Jetta in the back and a Silverado on the front. The inside is a Saturn Aura. Looks like Honda and GM are now collaborating on their designs. Look at the 08 Accord Sedan. Can you say Saturn?

  7. Looks pretty hot!

    But that back seat has me a bit worried.

    …And I wish there was a Maxx version…because this is the first Chevy that I’d consider for a practical future purpose…..

    Too bad there isn’t a center arm rest though…..My 2000 Intrepid has one….with cupholders as well….and a roomy back seat even for those over 6ft…

    The Charger’s rear seat is a joke 🙁

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