Even more Toyota Mark X Zio pics.

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Still looks like a quality car.

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  1. Looks like the rear floor mats have tire tracks on them.

    The seats look fine, though. This isn’t a sports sedan. Easy egress and exit (along with child seat usage) are more important for this class of vehicle.

    Still, not a car I would need or want, but smarter than buying an SUV or minivan for most mommy-wagon duties.

  2. “Still looks like a quality car.”

    And you can tell this from a few photos? Knowing how Toyota interiors have been using more and more low quality parts, I’ll bet it’s less than a quality interior. Functional, but not high quality.

  3. Vince, enough already, what is Toyota spiffing you to put all this crapola on. It’s ugly and we don’t care, so stop it!

  4. A vehicle smarter than a minivan for kid duty?

    Unless the vehicle in question has power/remote sliding door/s for dropoff/pickup, no.

  5. This looks like the future of crossovers. In a way… I like it. It’s a hatchback type thing and it looks quite futuristic. I think this will be the way of all the car based SUV’s. Especially the Japanese ones like the RX, MDX, and FX.

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