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  1. Real nice car. I like the hatch the best but even the wagon looks awesome. I’m sure it’ll give a lot of other cars at least a run for their money especially when equipped with all wheel drive and the hatch. Too bad they’re not selling the wagon here in the USA.


  2. Also, I think someone said they wanted a stick shift, well, I think I see one in this picture.


  3. Looks great at first glance and Mazdas are good cars.

    A major problem: I think I see one horrible design flaw–a painted “C” pillar to look like a little window that isn’t there. This is the same styling nonsense that makes the Chrysler Sebring especially ridiculous.

    So, I hate to rain on Mazda’s parade here, but if they’ve gone to painting on phony windows, the more honest Accord, Camry, and Altima look better to me.

  4. Is it me, or does the interior look ….well…outdated? Definitely nice, but looks more like something from 2000 rather than 2007 (with the exception of the NAV screen).

    That said, I really like all 3 body styles. Very refreshing compared to the ever-bloated Camry and Accord.

  5. the new malibu will eat that thing up
    it is better looking and better made with better american steeel

  6. This dash design is heads above the new Accord’s. Hell, everything about it looks better than the Accord.

  7. oh wow……that’s a good looking car…….it makes the bloated camry looked dated and the hodgepodge accord design really look like a mess. nice job mazda.

  8. Stunning, Period! bravo Mazda. A japanese design that actually looks homogeneous from the grille to the tail lights.

  9. Wait a second! This will have AWD??
    I now have to add this to my list….
    1) Mitsu Rallient
    2) Impreza WRX
    3) Crv
    4) Rav
    5) Nissan Rogue
    7) Mini Cooper S

  10. Hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but I just read an article on Car and Driver that this is the Euro-only version of the 6. We don’t even get this amazing piece of art! Ours will debut @ LA in November, and it may even ride on a completely different platform. Supposedly this move is being done because Ford wants to “make the 6 look bigger” because many people are complaining about “the 6 looking smaller than most midsized sedans”. What a load.

  11. Same thing they were saying when the CRV came out. They thought the European model released first would be different than the one in the US.

    Mazda cannot afford to have 2 different models of the same car.
    We might get a slightly different grille etc…
    But basically the same car.

  12. The “design flaw” of the weird C-pillar is hardly a deal-killer, nor does it detract from the Mazda 6’s overall look. The 6’s design is far superior to the new Accord (who’s overall look is a design flaw), the bloated Camry and the Altima, which is the best-looking of the three but still not as good-looking as the new 6. The only domestic that comes close is the Saturn Aura.

  13. Methinks there are a couple reasons for the sedan’s weird C-pillar thing. First, it allows Mazda to use the same rear door on all models, and second it sort of mimics the small window on the hatchback. Maybe it’s not the best solution, but as mentioned in other posts, it’s certainly not a deal-killer.

  14. i think the C pillar thing is a compromise. They needed the thick C pillar for structural stiffness bu a thick C pillar makes it look ugly, thats why they did this to make the C pillar appear thinner

  15. I just read that Car and Driver article too. I’m with Vince, it does’nt make sense to me either. Ford is trying to reduce the number of platforms not increase them. Also it’s left hand drive and available with the big 3.5l v6 with no mention of turbo diesels or different kinds of 4 cylinder engines, just one 4 cyl. Of course no specs have been officially released yet. I don’t know, I’m just trying to keep hope alive here…Work with me will ya? I want this freakin’ car!

    If after all this hype Mazda/Ford does’nt bring this car to the USA…well…that’ll be the biggest crap sandwich of the century!


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