Ford Kuga

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Another good looking Ford.
For Europe only….

At least so far.
This would make a great replacement to the Escape. And it would give Ford USA a much better weapon against the RAV4 and the CRV.
Let’s hope….

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  1. Looks like a cross between a Mondeo and Murano. Both two awesome cars.

    However, Ford will likely not sell this one here. Apparently us in NA don’t like sporty looking cars that get decent fuel economy.

    Good consumer research boys.

  2. I even like it better than the new Vue which is pretty nice. Ah, but same old story…for Europe only.

    Why does Ford hate America so much?

  3. there will be a cx5 mazda based on this…notice that the back window looks like a mazada3 hatch….

  4. I am getting really annoyed by Ford’s decision to leave this and other better European models out of the North American market. I think if there is enough of us writing to complain about this they might have a listen.

  5. FORD stands for Foreign Owners(in Europe) Refuse Domestic (US).

    Personally, I think it would be a great idea to base Mazda’s forthcoming CUV on this. You know the one that will replace the Tribune and give rise to the CX-5.

  6. Wow, this is so much better looking than CR-V, Rav4, even the new Rogue, let alone being light years ahead of the Escape. This is what Ford needs in the US now. GM has got the right idea with Saturn, and Pontiac with the upcoming G8 from its Euro and Australian GM cousins, respectively.

  7. This would be very competitive… today. But by the time they decide to bring it stateside, it’ll be outshined by the next Rav4 and CRV. It’s amazing that Ford can build and sell competitive Volvos, competitive Mazdas and Range Rovers. But Ford can’t seem to figure out how to offer up a decent Ford, Lincoln or Mercury. Idiots. Growing up, my family always bought Fords, but they just don’t offer anything today. It appears that it’ll be up to GM to be the only competent domestic automaker.

  8. Seriously – why doesn’t Ford just shut down its US design and product planning offices? This is what the ’07 Escape should have looked liked.

  9. Like so many cars today, the Kuga has lots of glass in the hatch, but the actual area you can see through is tiny. This is especially bad with a rear end so high.

  10. Super good looking. Put a nice engine in it, maybe even a hybrid and ford wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand.

  11. i don’t know is it just me or kuga really looks like qashqai

    they should also change the name, kuga means in my language plague

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