Ford S Max testing in the US

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This one was caught on Sunset Blvd.
And I personaly saw another one in Van Nuys.

I saw a few of them in Europe last month and they do look good. But nothing fantastic.
They actually look more modern in American streets where most everything around them is so conservative looking.

They claimed last year they were considering importing this to the US. So…
We’ll see….

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  1. At the rate the U.S. dollar is worth in comparison to the Euro (U.S. dollar currently valued close to a piece of paper towel), Ford is not going to do any importing. They can’t lose any more money.

  2. Is it a rear hatch, or is it a rear bumper? Only your body shop will tell.

    Stupid design flaw on an otherwise nice wagon.

  3. I am always surprised car makers are getting away with this.
    The CRV is the same.
    So there is really no such thing as a rear bumper anymore…

  4. I take that back, if ford were to make a small, medium and large van based upon the 2007 NAIAS airstream concept, that would be a great looking minivan.

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