GM desgin sketches for future cars

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Most of them look to be from upcoming Buick models.
Except the black console design.

And I must say, all of them look great. If they turn out to be anuthing close to these illustrations.
Buick seems to be on its way back.
But the main challenge for GM is to make sure most people even consider theat brand when they are thinking about getting a new car.
Right now, most won’t even consider a Buick.

And some even think the brand isn’t around any more….

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  1. “Right now, most won’t even consider a Buick.”

    Except for all those who are buying the highly acclaimed and so far very successful Enclave. Sure it’s just one vehicle, but that’s how it starts. Just ask Nissan.

  2. Not too bad, nothing really unique or different. The best interior I have ever seen was on the Volvo XC60 concept, and I have heard that most of it might make it to production. We will see.

  3. I think that the Enclave has proven that people will consider Buick. Make a beautiful car with no excuses and I bet people will consider that too.

  4. Isn’t there a waiting list for the Enclave? I know there was one back in July. If so, I’d say GM is doing a good job of turning that ship around.

    Now about Chevy……

  5. I work at a Buick dealership. the turn signal stalk thing is used in the Enclave already.

    there is like a 2 month wait for an Enclave fully loaded with chrome rims, which usually come off the truck at $45,000 and leave around $47,000 after accessories and protection packages.

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