Holden Efijy headed for production

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In “limited numbers”.

Whatever that means. This is a great looking car. And it would look fantastic in the street!

I wonder if someone will be able to import a few over here….

In related news, GM announced they won’t be importing that many cars from Australia due to a too strong Australian dollar.
That means goodbye to more rebadged Holdens in the US (Unless they are produced here).

And that could also mean a quite expensive Pontiac G8…

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  1. Oh my God. Is this for real? If they build the Efijy, Holden and GM will become my new favourite car company in the world. And I will pray they make some RHD units for Europe and the US, so one day I might actually see one cruising the streets of some posh beach town…

  2. Its not the strong Aussie dollar that is the problem its the weak US dollar. For that you can thank the various foreign owned banks that make up the so-called “federal Reserve”.

  3. You won’t have to worry about an expensive G8, at least in the short-term. Unfortunately it will be Aussie buyers subsidising G8 purchases, as the equivalent Commodore model down here goes for $50-55k(USD) but you guys will be getting it for $35-40k. So there you go Vince, Americans aren’t always the ripped off ones.

  4. That rear overhang is too long to be on a production car.. imagine what would happen every time you exit a driveway..

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