Honda Accord Tourer concept

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Quite an amazing looking wagon.
This is the next Accord for Europe.

And the sedan version will be our Acura TSX.
The current one is still very nice. So this one could be quite something.

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  1. I’ll wait for the Suzuki Kizashi, from Frankfurt.
    Even if the vehcile we get ends up only being 50% asnice looking as the concept…. 3 door Magnum-looking, sporty car deal…..and the price is right, etc…. Look Out!
    This 3 bar grille… Ford should patent it…;-)

  2. the one they have now is pure garbage. recall cheap plast ics you name it

    the new one willa lso be crap
    get a magnum for cheaper with better stronger american steel

  3. Sorry, I’m not impressed. If that’s the US TSX, Honda needs to understand Acura is supposed to be a Luxury brand. To me, increasingly Acura is to Honda what Mercury is to Ford. In other words, just tarted up Hondas that LOOK like Hondas. I think they need to go farther.

  4. A friend returned from Italy where they made the huge.. I mean HUGE mistake of renting a Dodge Magnum. The fact that the car was far too big for their streets and roads but the embarassment of breaking down on a very crowded street in Rome… This car is made for Europe and offers a great versatility and Honda dependability. And by the way.. The magnum was built for the county fair demolition derby. Drive it hard once and it breaks down.

  5. Following the lead although somehow not as offensive as the MDX grill which nobody likes. But otherwise this is one sweet looking wagon. I think Honda interiors are light years ahead of all of the domestics. Honda please, bring this over the pond, with AWD. TSX sport wagon with AWD for North America, if you build it … they will come (and buy).

  6. Much more functional looking than the Magnum. I’d be surprised to see it hit North American shores. Americans still haven’t grasped the wagon concept. I wish they would, I’d love to see fewer useless SUV’s around.

  7. I love the front end. Too bad the regular Accord sedan didn’t look like this. To me the TSX seems like a waste in the US market. They should have made the regular Accord look like this.


  8. “Much more functional looking than the Magnum”

    Doesn’t look more functional than a Magnum to me. Looks kind of small, in fact.

  9. JONES: or whomever you are.
    I’ll take that Suzuki…fo look it up at Edmunds, etc….
    when you work for edmunds, or autoweek, or motorweek, maybe I’ll listen to you.

    1990 tracker: 239K miles, 90-99… only replaced the muffler. for your slowness… it’s a suzuki rebadged as a chevy…
    1997 tracker,green…
    inlaw still has this one… 177K…muffler replaced last year.
    other than this,nothing outisde of normal wear and tear needed repalced.
    their 07 sx4…34K in 11.5 months… even survived a 32 mile trip in a blizzard, 30-35MPH, Lo-Gear AWD(button)….
    had some snow on the bumper..fron hitting a few drifts covering 1/2 the road….mayeb 18-22 inches deep?
    60 ft long … 35MPH… no probs. No bad for 15K “junk”..the junk is GM-dat produtts….which Suzuki is ditching.
    My 2 gripes are the trackers were horrible for NVH, and thier current cars,liek the sx4 sedan, out october 1….is overpriced, and under contented(vs the Junk reno, even).
    Maybe they’ll fix that little problem, soon( Hyundai learned you can’t go up in price and win fans, when you sold on the cheap for decades….thus their major sales, and sales losses, a lot, this year).

    Anonymous said…
    “Much more functional looking than the Magnum”

    Doesn’t look more functional than a Magnum to me. Looks kind of small, in fact.

    6:49 PM
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    Someone who just does not say”Look a Honda…perfect!” Thanks for the independent thought/comments!
    There’s still hope in America!

  10. even if they did put SH-AWD and the turbo-4 from the RDX in this car, it will still be a joke to buy, since for about the same price you can get a RWD G35 with 300+hp with 4 wheel steering and AWD as option, and you can get one NOW.

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