Hyundai Genesis interior

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That’s a lot of wood!

Typical of most upscale Korean cars.
But I thought they were getting better.
I guess not.
They still associate luxury with “wood”.

Too bad. I’m sure it is a decent car…

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  1. They copies off Infiniti’s Q45/M45 interior for center part of the dash. Looks ugly and I don’t like Infiniti’s design either.

  2. I like it, the only thing that is ruining it is that steering wheel. What’s with that emblem on the wheel ??

  3. That amount of wood used to work fine for Jaguar and Rolls. Now it just seems gaudy like some old Cadillac or Lincoln.

  4. Arrrgghhhh… Bad Hyundai, BAD.

    They don’t seem to realize that in a Jag or Rolls, the wood is REAL. They also don’t seem to realize that when you use fake wood, less is more. Covering every single panel in plastic wood is not attractive. In most cases, black plastic has more prestige than plood.

    P.S… What will all the aftermarket dash-makers do?

  5. When it hits the states, I’m sure they will tone down the interior. Americans don’t like that much wood.

    I think it will be a nice vehicle.

  6. The dashboard looks pregnant. It reminds me a bit of the MB S-Class.

    It doesn’t look great, but it doesn’t offend me.

  7. Just because you dont associate wood with luxury doesnt mean that others dont. Looks classy (except for the stirring wheel).

  8. I think everyone is giving hyundai a hard time. The interior looks dated but it is still nice. I am sure the american version will not have all that wood in it.

  9. “I’m sure it is a decent car…”

    Why? Hyundai, at best, makes mediocre vehicles. You can expect this car to be “decent” only if you have very low expectations. This thing looks trashy.

  10. This is the wrong interior for this car. Hyundai Genesis and Jaguar XF should switch interiors.

    If excellent materials and real wood were used, this overdone dash/console would complement Jag’s XF. Conversely The simply styled interior of the XF is bland for Jaguar but would look upscale for Hyundai.

  11. I think it looks pretty good. But it would look better with less wood. It looks like you get an entire tree with every car. The “I” drive knob and Playstation buttons on the steering wheel look interesting. What’s with the logo on the steering wheel?


  12. Nice plood (plastic wood), and sea of “charcoal” interior. Is there a reason most car interiors are black or gray plastic? Does everyone like it or just end up with it because there aren’t any other color choices? How about some reds or blues or whites and other colors?

  13. While there’s admittedly a heavy hand with the wood, the whole effect is exacerbated because that wood is a poor match for a grey interior, and it definitely needs to come off the steering wheel. The dash isn’t a big surprise, since Hyundai is enamored of the pregnant dash look these days, though many of us expected something more revolutionary than evolutionary.

    BTW, any old school arcader will recognize the emblem on the steering wheel – it’s an attack ship from Galaga.

  14. 7:41 PM post
    “BTW, any old school arcader will recognize the emblem on the steering wheel – it’s an attack ship from Galaga.”

    You nailed it!

  15. well if you look well into hyudai you would know that all top end hyundais in korea get there very on emblem like the azera(graudure) and the sonata also vercrus and santafe.

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