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Another meaningless concept from Hyundai.
Something that will never turn into a production model.

They have a long history of teasing us with super futuristic concepts over the past years.
None of them ever turned into anything we can actually drive.
They don’t even uses these as inspirations for their real cars.

It’s like if they hired a whole other company to design concepts for them or something.

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  1. Why can’t Hyundai/Kia deliver styling like, ford and now GM (trying to) do?
    fusion. new malibu…you get the idea.
    Bland is ok, if your 100 years old.
    The cars are competent…but even the 02-06 sonata, for example, while not stunning, was different(good or bad)….new one? Me-too CamCord.
    Higher prices, bland styling? What are they doing? Toyota -part II -designs?
    If Kia can have the Pro-C’eed… we get the Spectra(an example here, Hyundai/Kia)….see the problem?Let’s hope they wake up soon, and put some style into their cars, again.
    these Spectra, melted-looking Corolla-Elantra thing…..
    No Thanks.

  2. Haha, I couldn’t agree more!

    Hyundai has had concept after concept.

    One thing that I do admire Chrysler for, they actually PRODUCE their concept cars!

    Hyundai is the opposite. Things that are finally comming our way are the new Tiburon (after millions of concepts and bland production models) and the Genesis (a formula that they’ve already had for years outside of the US)

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