Interior shots of the upcoming Toyota wagon

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The one I posted yesterday.

Again, just like the Camry, 2.4 Liter anf 3.5 Liter will be offered.
On one of these pictures, it looks like there is a 3rd row. I am not sure this will be offered in the US as it might get to close to the new Highlander.

I don’t think this is bad. But it is really sad to see Toyota not offering any coupe or convertible anymore.
They will make this instead of replacing the Solara.

Too bad…

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  1. Burlapp:
    I see Altima coupes on the road, why not something from Toyota?

    The exterior shot did not come out on the post
    of this particular vehicle. Re-post it again.

    Will this be a Corolla Wagon or perhaps a Scion mobile?

  2. the 2nd row seating seems to be the same as the new highlander with a bench that converts to two buckets.

  3. Wow. Cheap-looking silvery plastic on the dash, 80s-style seat upholstery, a cheap, hard looking plasticky center armrest and uncomfortable looking upright back seat. Maybe Toyota should have just kept the Solara.

  4. Return of the Camry Wagon?

    I’d consider this over the already in existance camry variants…

    Like the Sienna, Highlander, and RX

  5. The exterior shot needs to be re-posted. It does not show up on anyone’s browser.

    As for Toyota no longer offering a coupe in the US, who cares? Nobody is going to miss the Solara, especially when there is an upcoming Toyota sports car that will be sold in the US.

  6. I like coupes, so I will miss the Solara.
    The “upcoming sports car” won’t seat 4, won’t have a smooth ride and won’t be affordable.

    If it ever materializes…

    The Tiburon isn’t a Sonata coupe. They were supposed to get a 2 door version of the Sonata out. I wonder what happened to that.

    I will try to post the exterior shot of the wagon again. I have no idea why it is gone. Another “Blogger BS problem”. (One of many)

    I have a couple of other exterior details too.

  7. Is this the Toyota Mark X-Seater which will be revealed in Japan on 9/26? The X-Seater is based on the Toyota FSC concept.

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