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That’s it for now.

Not sure this brings enough to the world of big SUVs. It’s not that original. Not like the concept was a couple of years ago.
This looks pretty bland.
I guess it’ll be cheaper…

And the timing doesn’t seem to be the best right now for that kind of thing.

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  1. the d pillar(?) area is bland… it looked akin to the J cruiser, or whatever Toyota calls their newer SUV.
    This is just sorry. And Kia is ripping off customers more these days. Why?
    Prices up, content isn’t, vs even 2006.
    Example: 2006.5 Optima.. could get one with automatic and cruise..and abs deal…. on sale, Under 18K….Now? Only certain options on their “cheap” model( think they ditched the base model, can’t recall 100% I know they have EX and LX…think EX is the top model you can get anything they offer on, and the lx you can’t).
    To me , it would be like Scion going from 14-18K cars, suddenly, to 18-22K cars overnight…No. Not for me.
    They should remain” cheap”, and Hyundai should go upscale(that was the plan, supposedly).
    They aren’t following the plan they laid out, it appears.

    Kia should only sell cars/SUVs from 10-27K tops(same for their minivan). Hyundai should maybe start with Elantra, at 16K,on up.
    Hyundai was supposed to be a more upmarket brand soon, and Kia= Youth/entry level buyers(ie, Korean Scion).

    With them limiting what one can get on their base models options list(thus forcing people to spend 2K more, at least, on avg,like many other makers are doing…to get what they wnat, to buy the next model up in the line-up)….
    they tick some people off, and they go to Honda/Toyota, since prices are so close anymore.

    I am tired of Hyundai/Kia. When they get their cats together, and quit raising prices, lowering(some) content…. I might look again.

    And like Ford: How about bringing up some European cars, like the C’eed, or Pro’C’eed, to repalce the tired Spectra! If they offered those, for the prices they sell stuff at, I might overlook 1-2 options missing for the prices.

    When you sell a 2nd rate Elantra, for Saturn Astra prices(well, not quite…but the 5 door version, yes, Astra prices are similar to Spectra,but Astra may be better) NO. Same for the SUV.

    The SUV…. gimme the J cruiser from Toyota for 26K…..vs this thing.
    If prices are similar.

  2. Um, Kia is the sportier version. where have you been when the KUE was unveiled in Detriot. Where have you been in the last two weeks when the Kee was shown. And, also the Sorento and HM are RWD vs BOF. Hyundai’s Sante Fe and Veracruz’s front wheel dirive. And how do you know Optima owners got ticked off. I bought an Optima and I’m not ticked. And while everybody is talking how late it is for a new BOF how does a person know there is no Hybrid version for it? They did show there first Hybrid earlier this year and they are still testing fuel cell car (and when I mean they I mean Hyundai/kia.) In fact two weeks ago they both shown fuel cell concepts.

    Now back to BOF suvs. BOF will never die out. I don’t think it is late in the game because I still see people buying Armands, Tahoes, Ford explorers, Trail Blazers, 4 runners, FJ Crusier, Land Rover Range Rovers, H2, H3. This Truck is right on time. Oh yeah and Kia has good trucks. In fact years ago, Kias were used to defend Korea. NOW WHAT!

  3. Kia and Hyundai need to balance their line-up…

    All of their cars are twins…well most of them….some may not be platform mates, but they ARE segment mates…..

    Hyundai’s cars should start with the Elanta and up…but I do find the varience in their small cars.
    The accent has the sedan and the 2 door hatchback, while the Rio has the sedan and 4 door hatchback.

    But this is how it Lays out:




    Azera=Amanti (closer to the XG 300/350 though)


    Santa Fe=Sorento



    The only odd men out are the SW Sedona…which doesn’t really count

    and the Rondo….which also doesn’t really count, because it’s just an Optima wagon….which is a derivate of the Sonata….

    At least they badge engineer with some design changes in mind….UNLIKE a good part of GM….but they are improving upon that too…

  4. Um, no Sorento is not a Sante Fe Platform. Unlike Torrent and Equinox. Sorento is a RWD 4X4.

    And HM is not Veracruz unlike Tahoe and Envoy. HM will have Kues 4.6 Liter V8 and RWD. Veracruz isn’t. Therefore, hm should have a greater towing capacity. Also, the interiors are totally different (according to the teasers).

    And Rondo may be shared with Optima but so is the Caliber and Sebring and Compass. Oh yeah and Optima would have made car of the year if it was givin the SONATA’s engine.

    Hyundai’s Van may be cloned but so is the Town and Country.

    The coming soon BK is NOT on Sonata platform it is on Genesis platform but I was told it want get the Genesis V8. Yeah that’s right Hyundai’s ready to tackle down the Pontiac G8 and that ugly Impala. Bring it on.

    Before giving out false information, get your facts straight.

  5. Hey buddy, I think you missed this part:

    “….some may not be platform mates, but they ARE segment mates…..”

    But thanks for the Sorento RWD info though, I actually didn’t know that…..

    So why doesn’t Kia have a truck based off of this yet?!

  6. A truck based off the Sorento, KCD-2 OR HM? Which one? They are all RWD. KCD-2 has Sorento’s old engine though.

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