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Here it is. The real deal.
And looking real nice.

Caught on the set of the next Batman movie, of all places…

I still remember when they caught the 1st generation CTS on the set of the Matrix sequel.

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  1. It’s a smoother, more flowing design especially in the rear compared to the current MKS, but after sitting in a new CTS last weekend, they have got their work cut out for them, even though the MKS is fwd and CTS rwd.

  2. Yeah that’s part of the problem. I see Acura having great success pawning off their RL as an alternative to the 5 Series, M Class, E Class, GS, and even front wheel bias A4/A6 and ford’s own Volvos and Jaguars (Ford payed for the engineering no matter who buys Jaguar.) But then we talk about GM’s modern RWD (Not just CTS but the Pontiac G8 which could give the G35 a run for the money) and even the aging but still competitive (as in still a cheap RWD with V8 option but the GM zeta will inialate) Chrysler LX cars. Don’t get me started on when Hyundai gets around and imports their RWD/V8. So if Honda/Acura can’t do it, Can ford do it on the cheap and not end up like almost every other model other than Mustang and F-Series? (Where’s the spirit that made the both Ford GTs)

    BTW I’m surprised GM didn’t gobble up product placement in this movie too.

  3. Not too bad, I like the front, not crazy about the back. The recent NAIAS concept back was far better.

    Personally, I don’t think the people who are going to shop lincoln will care if this car is RWD, FWD or AWD. They will put more stock in styling, comfort, reliability and how many golf bags they can get in the trunk. Prediction, this car will put Lincoln back on the map. Hopefully, more good products will follow.

  4. The back view looks very Cadillac. I would agree that FWD will have a very difficult time competiting in this segment. Only if a very effective and neutral handling AWD system is offered, will it have a chance in this segment as per Audi. Most of ther NA sales are AWD. Saab is going this way as well although I also see RWD in Saab’s future.

  5. I like it.

    I wish it was closer to the concept, with bigger front grille and smaller headlights.

    The back looks really nice, those tail lights look like those of Maserati Quat – but nicer.

    How much is it? If it was around $20K-$25K ($10K cheaper than its Japanese competitors), then I’d be willing to consider it (take the risk with GM).

    Otherwise, it’ll just have to wait in my Used-car-to-buy list, along with Buick Lucerne Super, CTS, etc

  6. It’s just too bad that the rear end echo’s the deceased XG 350 and the Kia Rio5……

    Now I know that the koreans steal bits and pieces….but Ford? Common!

  7. Looks nice, but needs a gimmick like coach style doors to make it stand out more. Needs an extra wow factor. AWD should be standard with an optional V-8 from the new S80. V-6 only and standard FWD will make this car an also-ran. Cmon Ford, cheaping out on this car will hurt in the long run.
    Just check the Zephy/MKZ for a preview of what happens if too many corners are cut to rush out a new model.

  8. It’s nice, but it’s too cautious. The CTS appears to be such a stronger design. I agree with the fella who says the rear resembles an old Daewoo. But I don’t think that means it looks bad. And only five Leganzas sold anyway.

    But it would have been good if Lincoln could have come up with a more distinctive design language.

    Maybe it’ll be a blowout success… I don’t know.

  9. I think this car looks pretty good. The tail lights, although I can see some Daewoo in them, I also see some Maseratti too. This car is’nt gonna save Lincoln or anything. I think Lincoln needs to go a lot more upscale then they are. This would allow Mercury to be more breathing room between Ford and Lincoln. However they may not have the money to do this. Too bad since there is a real strong rumor that Mercury may be axed. Does anyone know what engine is going in this thing. I don’t care about them not using a V8 in it but I do hope that they use that twin force V6 they were talking about. If they just use a regular 3.7l v6, then everyone is going to look at this thing as a glorified Taurus.


    P.S. Good job Lincoln on getting rid of that stupid LT. Now you can focus your resources and money on more important things.

  10. I like the new Batman movies for threes thing.

    1.The movies are realistsic.
    2.They are now using present-day vehicles.
    3.Most of the filming is done in my hometown (Chicago). ^_^

    So is this a product placement in the movie?

    Notice the Illinois style Gotham city plates.

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