Lucky nerd drives the Demon concept

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Intersting because Dodge is actually seriously considering putting this car into production. And pretty soon too.

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  1. Even though it sounds like a motorboat, this car is really nice. I hope Dodge builds it. They need an affordable halo car.

  2. Not a dodge fan. And not a fan of this thing. The scaled down viper front end looks cheesy. Not a fan of the saturn but I think they sky is beautiful and much nicer looking than this.

  3. Dodge Demon = Solstice/Sky II. It’s already started. Want to know the steps?
    1) The press starts drooling “The Demon is a Miata Killer”.
    2) Initial road tests say how great the Demon is and, in fact, it’s even better than the Miata.
    3) Six months later after the hype dies down those same reviewers will do a 180 and say “while the Demon is really good, the Miata is a better driver’s car.”

    The simple fact is that Mazda has totally nailed the soul of this niche and GM and now Chrysler don’t have a clue what that soul is.

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