Masda 6 Wagon

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The current wagon is no longer offered in the US.
So I wonder if this new one will make it over here.

I think it looks even better than the sedan version.

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  1. This is the best of the bunch-no Sebring taillights (though those still aren’t bad).

    Mazda has this wagon bodystyle down very well-the CX-7 and CX-9 are just as awesome (I still think the CX-7 could/should be turned into some sort of race car-lowered and lightened, of course).

  2. It’s a shame wagons don’t sell well here in the USA because this is probably one of the nicest looking wagons I’ve seen in a while.


  3. I don’t get it either? Wagons are great now days, I have the V50. Does everything you need it to do and looks good. This is a great looking wagon as well, perfect alternative to CUV, SUV etc

  4. Seriously, why buy an SUV for simply picking up the kids and grocery-schlepping? This car could revive the domestic wagon market if Americans would just wake up from their stupor.

  5. I wish they’d have a 4-cylinder version of the wagon in the U.S. I’d snatch one up in a heartbeat and I think it would sell better than the V6 version. The 4-cyl hatchback is still good, though (both current generation and what I’ve seen of the future generation).

    I don’t understand why people in the U.S. prefer SUV’s over wagon’s.

  6. This wagon and hatchback are so nice. I’ve been trying not to buy a Mazda 3 Hatchback in hopes of waiting for a the new Mazda 6 Wagon.

    I assume it will make no real difference, but I am going to write a real letter, no email, to Mazda USA begging them to bring the new 6 Wagon and 5 Door to the USA>

  7. If any station wagon could be revivied and sell like hotcakes here in the USA it would be this one. However, some(possibly a lot of) Americans believe SUV’s to be some kind of status symbol (bigger is better philosophy). They also think they are safer in them for some reason. Saying this does’nt make me seem like some pinko commie does it?


  8. As long as the CX-7 is around, this isn’t going to see light within the US….very sad…cause this one’s bigger.

    I wanted a 6 Wagon until I realized the Intrepid I have now was half the price, had a lot more, and had more useable space….even for a sedan.

    The 6 I test drove was worn and was from an auction…which didn’t help. I test drove the sedan some time before, but the wagon just felt tinyer for some reason…and the 3 hatch felt more roomy!

  9. the Honda Stream may be in the US in a year or so..supposed to be powered by a 2 liter four. probably won’t look as nice as this Mazda though.

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