Mazda 6 Hatchback

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I saved the best for last.
I think the hatch version is just stunning. It almost has the presence of a sports car.

But, of course, we might just end up with the sedan over here. Despite tons of people asking Mazda to bring the hatch in the US, the current 5 door model was a flop in the US.

So I doubt Mazda will repeat that “mistake”….

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  1. Wow – its great to see Mazda getting better and better. They have one of the nicest car lines on the market.

  2. I knew the folks at Mazda had it in them! I’d buy the 5 door in a second if I could get it with a 5 or 6 speed manual tranny and with the v6.

  3. Now they just need to make a coupe that looks like this, priced to compete your Altimas, Tiburons, Eclipses, G6s, etc.

    Mazda has lacked a proper cheap coupe for too long.

  4. This hatch version is the car I’ve been waiting for. This thing looks awesome. I want this car! In a year or two I’ll be lookin’ to buy this car. Great job Mazda!


  5. It does look nice Vince. I have reservations about a V6 from Ford however. I hope they prove me wrong because this segment definately needs some spice.

  6. I read in AutoWeek that in fact Mazda is using a 3.7L V6 and not Ford’s 3.5L V6.
    The Ford 3.5L used in the Sable/Taurus won Wards 10 best engines recently.

  7. I’m betting that the real cars will NOT have those awesome large wheels and low profile stance.

    Add a Holly Ford-Engine, batman…

    and anybody can understand why it’s only been eating a very small portion from Camry & Accord owners.

    Now if I were to own a Ford Escort or Focus, then I’d be looking forward to this car!

  8. A hatch makes more sense on modern sedans than ever. With their short trunks, the opening is much too small to fit large objects.

    This Mazda is just awesome! I haven’t found one single thing I don’t like about it.

  9. Hey Vince, any idea if they will continue to build these in Michigan? I always was amused that the Mazda 6s were built in USA by burly union fellas.

  10. Well. I now know what my next car will be. This is fantastic. Well done Mazda!

    It has Lexus IS hints w/ a lot of Mazda – which is a great thing. Well done!!!

    I live in the great white north, where the hatch is a solid seller here – so I’m sure it’ll show up (I hope so, cause that’s my next car!!).

  11. Wow! I hope that 3.7l v6 story is true. That would be super ultra mega awesome! I agree with 9:44, this is my next car too.


  12. I’m not sure about the 3.7, but that would be cool. Almost everyone that refers to the 3.7 calls it the one in the CX-9. The problem is that the CX-9 doesn’t have a 3.7, only the 3.5. Plus I thought the 3.7 was supposed to be a future exclusive for Lincoln. I’d be happy to be wrong though.

    Also, the Mazda6 hatch actually has been a fairly decent seller, better than the wagon. Mazda has a history of mid-size 5-doors in the U.S. dating back to the 626. I hope they keep that tradition.

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