Mitsubishi Evolution GSR and MR

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I am confused. Is that the new Evo X???

These are lebeled 2008 Evolution MR and GSR.

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  1. it is a version of the Evo X most likely. Remember in the US, the evos are just called Evolution and some have special lettering like MR to distinquish between slight variations of them (weight reduction, aerodynamics, etc.)

  2. Both evo 8/9 were just called “Evolution” for the US market..

    GSR and MR(the higher one) are just the trims of the 08 evolution

  3. looks like the regular mistubishi to me what is so special
    stiil ugly and plain
    another future malibu victim

  4. This looks like a standard lancer with a big spoiler…..nothin special….

    I wish Mitsubishi didn’t make so many stepping stone vehicles up to the Lancer….

    Because the Lancer GTS, OZ Rally, and Raliart designations, don’t help the Exclusivity of the “Lancer Evolution”….The differences are becoming minimal.

  5. GSR = Luxury versionMR / RS = Light weight version (Often bought to convert into Group N Rally Car for privateer Rally Drivers)The GSR,MR or RS specs have been used for a long time with Evo’s

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