Mitsubishi i MiEV Concept

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Another strange name.
The car itself is between ugly and weird. Or both.

Mitsubishi mentioned a couple of years ago they were going to bring a small electric car to the market.
Let’s all pray this is not it….

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  1. Its still not as ugly as that Citroen you posted earlier this week. It looks a bit like a VW Beetle that has been melted down.

  2. Ya all i can see is the beetle even in the dash, but damn i want the mitsu in wheel electric motors vehicle they always talk about ! give me a range of 240 miles and im there ! just make sure a fire ext. is standard equipment with them lith ion batteries ! cause i seen them laptop p-c’s burning !

  3. Did Mitsubishi outsource their design department to a Chinese company, because the Concept ZT looks like it belongs in Mercury’s lineup and this is just a VW.
    So far the upcomming Lancer Sportback is the best design from them.

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