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Bad news for the VW Tiguan…

The model on the pictures is still called a “prototype”.
So some trims might change.

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  1. Bad news for us. I wonder how Ford management chooses not to import it over our ugly, outdated, and drum brakes “escape”, while Mazda is enjoying a full line-up shakedown?

  2. Ford, Pull your head out… This is what the US Market needs. I have always bought imports but I might buy this if in the US…But I guess you want to continue to see your Car Sales slide..

    Wake up FORD.

  3. I think the only justifiable reason why the crusty old Escape/Tribute/what ever the hell they call the Mercury variant alive is because the brain-trusts that run product development decided this vehicle was the model that will get the hybrid variant. But then whats the MPG improvement again? right, hybrids get better gas millage more so because they are light aerodynamic vehicles rather than having their Rube Goldberg powerplants. Something that old CUV platform is not.

  4. Ford needs to bring their entire European lineup here to America. That would solve many of their problems.


  5. The ONLY thing that is keeping Ford from selling their Higher Quality products here are the premiums added to the prices because of better material/build quality that the US line-up lacks…horribly.

    Ford beleive’s that people would rather pay slightly less for cheepo materials versus a little more for true quality *COUGH* GM *COUGH*……it took them awhile, but at least they’ve learned!

    But this’ll be easier to sell with a Mercury or Lincoln badge….problem solved.

  6. Ford would be making a big mistake if this car wasn’t built and sold in the US. If GM can do it with the Opel/Saturn and Holden/Pontiac cars, then Ford should be able to do it as well.

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